Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Monolith upon Dol Aman

This has been sitting in my WIP folder since January. It was originally a scene from a story of mine, where my protagonist comes across this untouched monolith that serves as a gate. 

I lost interest in it after a while, but looking at it now makes me feel it might still have some life in it. 


  1. You're work always has such good color selction, from the looks of it you just the use the basic chalk and hard brush (I think?). That's amazing in my opinion, though your background styles have always awed me.

  2. The foliage is just too pretty for you to abandon!

    ...but hey that magic rock is patiently waiting for its chosen one, so the pic can patiently wait for you to finish it too. But seriously. You can't just abandon it, you hear me? ;)

  3. I really dig this illustration. To me, the image shows the first stop in a much larger adventure. It's the first riddle that needs to be solved in order for the hero to move beyond his home and the world he knows.

    By understanding the characters, and saying words in the right sequence, the next step is revealed.

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